About Us

In Italy pharmacogenetics means Diatech Pharmacogenetics.

Pharmacognetics and pharmacogenomics have introduced a dramatic and still ongoing revolution in the fight against cancer. Diatech Pharmacogenetics is the unique company in Italy focusing  its research efforts on pharmagonenetics, the science that studies the genetic variation that effects response to drugs, as well as underpins understanding on what side effects are likely to occur (personalised medicine).

Diatech Pharmacogenetics supports its own research efforts commercializing and developing pharmacogenetic tests implemented in the personalised and predictive medicine, with priority focused on the most invasive therapies: anti-cancer treatmens. Pharmacogenetic kits developed by Diatech Pharmacogenetics target to personalize chemotheraphy and radiotherapy cancer treatments, leading to higher efficacy and reduced side effects.

As a result Diatech Pharmacogenetics has developed “Irinotecan response®", a CE-IVD labeled pharmagonenetic kit, which allows to personalize the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer through analysis of polymorphisms in genes associated with irinotecan’s toxisity.

Today pharmacogenetic tests are becoming mandatory before the administration of anti-cancer drugs of the latest generation, i.e. “intelligent” or “biological” drugs, which are able to attack specifically only the altered molecules responsible for the uncontrolled growth and proliferation of the neoplastic cells, without any side effect on the healthy cells.

The two latest kits developed by Diatech Pharmacogenetics allow the personalization of treatment with “intelligent drugs” of patients suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer. In fact, the two kits “Anti EGFR MoAb response® /(KRASstatus)" and "Anti EGFR MoAb response® (BRAF status)" allow to detect those mutations within the KRAS and BRAF genes that are responsible for an unfavorable prognosis, and for the resistance to monoclonal anti EGFR antibodies (panitumumab/Vectibix® e cetuximab/Erbitux®). These kits testify that Diatech Pharmacogenetics is the only Italian company able to produce reliable, and simple to use pyrosequencing based kits which allow to analyze the KRAS and BRAF gene status (wild-type/mutated), indicative of colorectal cancer prognosis and predictive of response to the specific immunotherapy.

Other two CE-IVD labeled tests developed by Diatech Pharmacogenetics allow to detect essential gene’s EGFR variations, associated with sensitivity and resistance to inhibitors of tyrosine kinases (gefitinib ed erlotinib). EMEA has authorized the use of relevant drugs only for treatment of Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) patients with activating mutations of EGFR gene.